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January 14, 2015  

When economic towers collapse, effects are felt. In the case of the recent, sudden and significant drop in oil prices, pain may reverberate around the world as major financial institutions are put at significant risk of failure. And then there is the fallout from bank failures that become stratagems for global bankers to take new control of countries. Ellen examines these important developments and talks with Irish political leader Mark Dearey who is actively supporting creation of public banks to help recover from virtual extortion by global bankers. And co-host Walt McRee talks with economy-reformer Marc Armstrong about his new “Commonomics” initiative that aims to unify citizen activism to protect and support public assets.


December 31, 2014  

The primary challenge to global citizens in this day of transnational corporate control of politics and banking is how to slow the inexorable steamrolling of public interest by profit-fixated privateers who control most of the world’s assets. Ellen talks with noted author and non-profit director Les Leopold about the lay of the economic horizon and the need for a populist uprising -- soon.  Co-host Walt McRee follows that theme in speaking with attorney Kevin Zeese about the critical TPP fight that lies ahead in early 2015 -- one that could make or break public protections around the world.

December 17, 2014  

The recent drop in oil prices may make you feel good at the gas pump, but your dollars at the bank may soon slide right out of your hands to help pay off Global Bankster bets. Current conditions, circumstances and collusions suggest possible collapse in the not too distant future. Ellen speaks with author Michael Snyder, who blogs at “The Coming Economic Collapse,” about what the chances are, what the outcomes may be, and what you should consider in the days ahead.  On the Public Banking Report, co-host Walt McRee talks with Seattle City Councilman Nick Licata about that city’s recently completed forum on creating a pubic bank for that great city.


December 3, 2014  

Forget about fooling Mother Nature, just ignoring her puts you at certain peril even when you’re talking about an economy. So says this week’s guest Jamie Brown Hansen, Ellen’s daughter, an international researcher who studies bio-mimicry to understand how economic sustainability can be derived and adapted from ancient systems of nature: if systems don’t conform to those laws, they ultimately die. Capitalism’s demand for constant growth comes to mind. Later, on the Public Banking Report, new courses are being launched by the Public Banking Institute to teach people about the tenets and systems emerging within the New Economy – ones that are harmonious with Mother Nature’s rules!

November 19, 2014  

Perhaps one of the only bright spots in the Irish economy is the prospect
that they might recover some of their damaged monetary strength by creation
of new Irish public banks.  After the European Central Bank had its way with
stripping the country of its financial underpinnings through more
speculative misbehavior by the global big banks, Ireland, like Greece and
Cyrus, is on the ropes, doomed to debt slavery well into the future. Ellen
discusses her recent trip there and talks with some of the citizen leaders
who are moving the prospect forward, and she also reports on a surprisingly
positive review of North Dakota's public bank by none other than the Wall
Street Journal! 

November 5, 2014  

From a surplus in 1974 to paying $1.1 trillion dollars for borrowing the same money it used to print for free, Canada, like most Western nations controlled by global bankers, is now firmly entrained with indebtedness to the global banking cartel. Guest Paul Hellyer, Canada’s former Defense Minister and best-selling author, describes a hard reality: a small number of Oligarchic Elites are well along on their path to taking complete control of the affairs of “any and all” economies through imposing debt servitude. Ellen talks with Dr. Hellyer about the increasing threat facing democratic institutions in the age of global finance.

October 22, 2014  

If a historical marker is needed, we can go back to the Magna Carta to identify the beginning of a populist demand for fairness from oligarchic powers. In the recently completed public bank symposia on West and East Coasts, that call was renewed by participants who met with community leaders and elected officials to explore what needs to happen next to establish local and regional public banks. Co-host Walt McRee talks with author, lawyer, playwright, radio commentator and international negotiator Craig Barnes about his views of where things stand now in the struggles for economic fairness and later with PA Project Founder Mike Krauss about the themes and conversations that took place at the “Public Banks for Public Works” symposium in Philadelphia on October 18th.

October 8, 2014  

In the worlds of economic theory and “acceptable” economic discussion, the terms “Socialism” and “Marxism” acquired an anti-patriotic stain during the 20th Century, despite the significant social economic progress realized by early American populist movements. Noted economics professor Dr. Richard Wolff, who has taught at many esteemed universities, has been overlooked for decades because of his Marxist/Socialist specialties; but suddenly he is out and about making the rounds on major media outlets talking about the failures of Capitalism, how they helped bring about the collapse of the American middle class and set a stage for continuing economic decline. Ellen talks with Dr. Wolff about a way forward that marries American values and sensibilities with the goals of these maligned economic theories.

September 24, 2014  

The broad-based economic destruction brought on by extractive private
banking has got lots of people thinking hard about alternatives. The Scots
came close to starting on a new path in recent weeks that could still
materialize with some re-focusing on its banking options, while the possible
recurrence of big bank failures has many Americans actively looking for
alternatives.  In this edition of "It's Our Money" Ellen holds a
foundational conversation with globally-recognized economic theorist
Christopher Cook about how a new world of monetary management could be
realized for the benefit of all. Meanwhile, citizens are rallying their
national public bank initiatives at the upcoming "Banking on New Mexico"
symposium.  Co-host Walt McRee speaks with project founder, author and
diplomat Craig Barnes about what's brewing in Santa Fe.

September 10, 2014  

Economic realities and their theories define our world regardless of where we live.

After a while, they deserve reexamination to see if they measure up to our needs, interests

and values. This week Ellen visits with Prof. Cynthia Kaufman about her book Getting Past Capitalism and looks

at some of its systemic failings and limitations. Similarly, students around the world are demanding

reexamination of the prevailing economics canon hoping to institute a broader, more politically responsible view of

economic theory.  Co-host Walt McRee talks with an organizer of the “Rethinking Money NY”

conference taking place this weekend at Columbia.   



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