It´s Our Money with Ellen Brown “It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown” provides a unique view behind the curtain of global finance and the monetary system by one of the top experts in the field.

April 23, 2014  

Presidents and Bankers joined at the hip for a long, long time -- Nomi Prins

Ellen's guest this week is renowned banking wonk, writer and former investment insider
Nomi Prins, whose blockbuster book All the President's Bankers has just been released.

Nomi discloses the longstanding personal and political ties between
Washington and Wall Street that have enabled the concentration of global
wealth into the hands of a few.  Ellen brings these historical facts
together with the current bank rap sheet of fraud, conspiracy and bailouts
that characterize the landscape of big bank business, and discusses new

reports and a definitive study showing that these inside-power connections, not the public interest, run America.

On this week's Public Banking Report, co-host Walt McRee talks with Gwen Hallsmith,

the new Executive Director of the Public Banking Institute, about a just-launched series of classes called "The New
Economy Academy.

April 9, 2014  

A sure sign that our monetary system is in deep distress is the proliferation of public movements trying to deal with the outfall of failing economies and struggling households. On this edition of "It's Our Money with Ellen Brown", Ellen speaks with two leading protagonists helping individual citizens take matters into their own hands by adopting new economic models and alternatives; attorney Kevin Zeese and Dr. Margaret Flowers discuss current public initiatives, the TPP, Obamacare and a foundational philosophy that asserts that individual citizens are the core of new civic leadership. On this week's Public Banking Report, co-host Walt McRee speaks with the leader of one of those new alternative movements, Marc Armstrong, who is launching, a lobbying campaign to help re-establish banking services at America's post offices.


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