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March 28, 2018  

Going Postal – and Going Local

About 25% of Americans don’t have access to basic banking services such as check cashing and money transfers, often forcing them to rely on expensive charges from street corner profiteers who fill the void. While local banks aren’t always available, post offices are, and they could fill this banking void if only the Congress would allow it. We talk with Katherine Isaac of the American Postal Workers Union about a national campaign to bring back postal banking. Later, Ellen talks with the founder of Cooperation Humboldt, David Cobb, about an effort to model a new type of local economy that leaves no one out. And Walt talks with Rhode Island’s former Secretary of State Matt Brown -- the latest candidate to run for a governorship on a public banking platform.



March 8, 2018  

It’s not an oxymoron. We need banks for quite a number of our civic, economic and personal lives. Bank’s role is so important to communities that it would be tough to live with them, which is why we say that banks need to belong to the public and serve as public utilities.  We talk with IvanFrischberg of Amalgamated Bank, a 100 year old American bank begun by a populist demand for fair banking services, about how that bank is making a solid difference in everything they do.  And we also speak with Wayne Lau, the Executive Director of the Rainier Valley Community Development Financial Institution – two bankers who fill the bill of being “good banks.”  And then there was Alexander Hamilton – is the super successful Broadway show “Hamilton” a whitewash of history?  We speak with Bob Bows about his research on Hamilton’s questionable legacy. 


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