It´s Our Money with Ellen Brown “It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown” provides a unique view behind the curtain of global finance and the monetary system by one of the top experts in the field.

July 26, 2018  

They don’t?  Banks don’t lend money?  “Since when?” you might ask, only to find out they never did – at least according to this week’s featured guest, Southampton University’s noted professor Dr. Richard Werner. Common misperceptions about how banking works distort our reality about banking functions and capabilities by seasoned semantic miscues that make us think we’re borrowing the bank’s money when they never had it to begin with, and that we’re just letting them hold our money when we make a “deposit” when, in fact and law, we’re giving it to them. This week’s edition will let you look at banking and its current realities in new light, and we even take you back a couple hundred years to see how banking’s deceptive role-playing shaped our nation’s history. 

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