It´s Our Money with Ellen Brown “It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown” provides a unique view behind the curtain of global finance and the monetary system by one of the top experts in the field.

April 18, 2022  
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The Bank of North Dakota (BND) has set the US standard for how a public bank
can serve the economic interests of a state or local economy, and many local
governments want to emulate its success. This podcast opens with a recent
clip of Eric Hardmeyer, CEO of the BND for over 20 years, describing the
founding and operational principles that led the bank to outperform even the
big Wall Street banks for profitability while taking an aggressive approach
to fiscal problem solving.  Ellen then speaks with Braxton Brewington of the
Debt Collective, a non-profit debt-reduction organization that has relieved
thousands of debtors from life-sapping obligations while promulgating a
national effort to reduce the massive debt loads carried by students,
medical patients and other debt stressed citizens.

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